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The Reverend Jesse Custer Self Titled (2011)

Image of The Reverend Jesse Custer Self Titled (2011)

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1. Devotion
2. Desperate for Help
3. 10,000 leeches
4. God's Right Hand
5. Swamp Coffin
6. Outside of Everything
7. PIG

Recorded by us between the months of May and August 2011 at various Canberra locations. Mastered by us. Artwork by Billy Baker.

Rev. Custer would like to thank... Matheson and Lesstalk Records, Robs Rehersal Garage, Billy Baker and the Filthy Family at Choking on Sick, Blackwire Records, Jem/WeEmptyRooms, Tenzenmen, Finchs Mum, Morgan, The Azra, Lil Bram Cakes, DT, Josh Mooney, Greta, Steph and THC.